KZ Mirchi Bangle

Give your wrist a spicy touch. Mirchi is the name of chilli peppers in India. KZ Mirchi represents glamour, elegance and style with a spicy touch.


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Mirchi, the red chilli, adds the fundamental spice in almost all Indian cuisine. The spicy flavour, which can be added using different spices, is present not only in almost all dishes, but even in ice cream, chai masala, chocolate or toothpaste. Spicy flavours are so important in hot countries because they create energy and preserve fresh ingredients for longer. KZ Mirchi is made of red silk threads reminiscent of the hot pepper.

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Mix & Match the most impossible colours to create your own style! - who said we need to follow fashion rules to be modern? - fashion is who You are! You have the choice to wear what you love, to be who You Are!

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