KZ Kesar Bangle

Spice up your wrist with the intense light of India. KZ Kesar is joy, it is dancing, it is living every moment. Saffron, purity, joy and search for light represent, among others, this vivid color.


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KZ Kesar is our orange bracelet, the colour that best represents India, in fact it is present in the national flag as well. Kesar means Saffron, one of the most appreciated species throughout the world, for its properties and uses both in the preparation of delicious dishes, and in natural medicine, called ayurveda. KZ Kesar is made of bright orange silk threads reminiscent of this much appreciated spice.

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Mix & Match the most impossible colours to create your own style! - who said we need to follow fashion rules to be modern? - fashion is who You are! You have the choice to wear what you love, to be who You Are!

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