It really feels satisfying to make our friends and family happy. 
Why making a present to somebody creates such good vibes for us? We all love to feel loved, right? And that often means receiving a gift. But at some point we realise that giving generously makes us equally or even more fulfilled.
There is no need of scientific research to understand that gifting creates a warm glow inside us. However, even science shows that giving to others, in forms of gifts, donations, charity, brings greater and longer lasting joy. According to some scientific studies, giving activates the brain regions that link generosity with happiness, even when the generous act is small or only imagined.
According to different philosophies, giving is an important part of our duty, and giving not only to our family and to the people we love, but to all beings. Giving would be most beneficial for both giver and recipient, when the gift is presented without any expectation. Far more important than the gift, is the intention and state of mind when giving.
The gift could be just a beautiful leaf, a hand made paper necklace, a hug or warm food. Surely, we all know how good it feels to bring a smile to somebody’s face and we actually create a long lasting happiness, both for ourselves and for the people around us.
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