I love creating small special occasions of showing my love and gratitude to the people around me – to my Mom, for having her in my life, to my sister, to that dear friend, or to my partner.

Sometimes I might plan a present well in advance as a big special surprise, probably even coordinated among many people. But more often, the small things are the ones that really warm my heart, a gesture without any special occasion. In fact, it is quite nicer to bring joy and to see her or his smile on their face, unexpectedly, and to turn any “normal” daily moment into a cute little occasion.


  • while walking in the mountain, pick a gorgeous red-orange leaf that fell from the autumn tree, and just offer it to say, your Grannie
  • give a hug to your friend who is going through a hard moment
  • motivate your younger brother or sister to join you for your morning jogging (a hot coffee afterwords could be part of the inspirational act)
  • listen deeper to really understand what she or he needs

The gesture, the attitude, the intention – that makes the whole difference!

It is not that material things are not important. But definitely, research and our own experience show that giving rather then receiving, is what makes us feel deeper satisfaction and longer lasting happiness.

In the next post we will look little more into the happiness of giving.